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New Home Business Let There be Light

Sometimes for many reasons in your life it is tough if not impossible for you to see the light. Just as with electricity the light is off until you switch it on. What is meant here by light however, is a positive attitude, faith and hope. Sometimes you have to switch it on. In particular, here the reference is to starting a home business.

Leave the light on!

No matter how you may interpret statements in marketing advertisements, there is almost never an instant, substantial ‘profit’. It has to be worked at to get there. It may be true you could luck out and get in on a launch where you are able to make some sales right off the bat (right on if so!) However the majority of everyday living is done in reality where people need to work at it to earn steady, sustainable income.

So it is very important in the reality of every day to never allow your light to go out. It is the very worst thing you can do other than outright quit trying altogether. You need to allow for your learning curve, taking action to implement what you have learned, and then most difficult giving it time to produce results.

You don’t need to get discouraged or feel like you are failing if you don’t see any results right off the bat or even for an extended period. What you need to do is keep up your hope and faith in yourself and the process. You must never sit and wait for anything (like the results) but must continue to take consistent action to keep building momentum. Don’t stop.

This fact speaks to the reality that few will actually respond. This is absolutely normal when you think of how few people in the world are actually interested AND serious about starting a home business online. They may wish and dream and read and read but never actually take action to do it. Obviously nothing happens until they do something. There are people who will respond and those are the ones you should focus on.

Success with your home business may happen eventually when you are really serious and do what you need to do consistently and aggressively over TIME. This is much more likely to happen for you if you remember to keep that light on. It is natural that some days we may feel better than others. Therefore you have to really keep on top of it and realize you need to get some light right now if you are feeling a little dim.

This could be resolved in many ways – change your atmosphere for a day – go out for a nice walk and get some fresh air and sunshine, listen to some good music, or go do something that will help to cheer you up! Shopping works!

Home Business – Following Directions vs. Flying Blind

While there are some things that one could do through trial and error without having directions, some you just wouldn’t. For instance baking a cake – you are likely to have a big mess without a recipe. That is because there are some technical aspects that require exact measurements. In this case it is leavening to flour to liquid that all has to be balanced perfectly.
get directions
Starting a home business is something that you might do with trial and error. However this could become very expensive and waste time if you really didn’t know what you were doing. For example you could be using some strategy that had its day back in the 1980’s and just doesn’t fly very well today. It may still work to some degree if it ever worked, but surely you would rather spend your time and money on something that is more up-to-date.

Many times people come to the table thinking that they know what to do. They may have heard something from a friend or read something in passing. However if you have joined a program that includes training, it would be a much better idea to pay attention to the training first. At least consider what a proven expert is sharing with you.

If you find that you don’t like what he is saying, for example his ideas cost additional money to implement, that’s ok. Keep reading. Keep learning everything you can about the technique. Make a note of what it is and how it works, the cost, etc. Who knows, someday you may realize it would be ok to invest a few dollars in your business and save yourself some time.

The point however is not to throw out the baby with the bathwater. Do not waste the training because you don’t feel you can afford something contained therein. Make the best use of every resource that you can. Don’t cop an attitude like ‘it figures, you have to have money to make money’ and shut the door on yourself. You may be very surprised that either within that same training you later find many ways to do more or less the same thing for less money or even no money. But you will never know that if you stop reading.

With no direction, you can flounder around indefinitely, spinning your wheels, always looking for the answer and never finding it – or worse – finding it many times and ignoring it because you never feel you know enough to actually try something and of course you feel you can’t afford to have it done for you right now. So you do nothing but waste your time.

No matter how much you believe you know, take advantage of every resource that comes across your path and make the best use of it you can for the present or future.

Starting a Home Business – Don’t Waste Time

You will probably agree that due to other responsibilities you may have, that you have limited ‘spare’ time. You may have a day job as well as family responsibilities that take up the greater part of every day. It would likely be this spare time period that you would have to devote to starting a home business.

no time to waste

Being it is so limited you have to be particularly aware of wasting your time on non-essentials. These non-essentials definitely include reading every piece of spam/junk mail received in your inbox. They should be deleted or at the most glanced over and put somewhere that you can look at them some time when you have extra time. You need to focus on what opportunities you have already involved yourself with.

If you are at the stage of still researching companies to add to your business portfolio, that is important. However I would still think twice before I would consider doing business with spammers – seriously. In any case the point here is not wasting time, not how to ruin your reputation by associating yourself with spammers.

There is something that happens to people when they are under the pressure of starting one or more programs as part of building their business. It is almost hysteria as if it will be the end of the world by the next time the membership fees are due and so everything has to happen right now. Since the dues are so low it seems ludicrous to rush everything and maybe even throw it away if one whole month passes without progress.

Part of this neurosis is also being overly concerned with details that are not relevant. In no way does this mean you do not have to read the fine print and pay attention. What it means is there are some things that do not apply to you at this time and since you have limited time you should just move on and make a note to go back later if applicable.

Particularly if you ask someone who is knowledgeable and they emphatically tell you not to be concerned right now (or ever) but you just can’t let it go, you may have this obnoxious malady. If you find a need to harass this person making them repeat what they said over and over again, you are wasting more than your own time.

It is not so much the disrespect shown when you ask a question and then argue or don’t believe the answer. Surely if you really don’t understand, you might ask them to explain further, but eventually you need to accept the answer and stop wasting time going over and over it. Respectfully asking for more explanation is definitely preferable to ignoring the person’s instructions and forcing them to repeat the instructions several times.

In any case use your time wisely and learn how to prioritize all the things you need to do. You can do this best by getting rid of all the time wasters that are impeding you from making progress with your business. Always remember that everyone’s time is important so try to be considerate of others.

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